Heart of Sharjah Virtual Tour by GEOTECH3D

Heart of Sharjah – Interactive 3D Documentation

​A collaborative project between GEOTECH3D and Sharjah Archaeology Authority - UAE.

360 Panoramic images taken from high definition drone cameras from various altitudes and angles in addition to street-view of the old city.

In preservation efforts for historical and archaeological sites, Heart of Sharjah initiative is using 3D documentation, during renovation and reviving the old market and city center.

GEOTECH3D is the service provider of choice for 3D scanning, Drone Photogrammetry and 360 Virtual Tour building in UAE, helping the government and the private sector achieve their goals since 2010.

The Mission:

Geotech 3D were commissioned by Sharjah Archaeology Authority to perform survey services for 6 locations in Sharjah namely;

  • Heart of Sharjah,
  • The Old Souq,
  • Zubara with Fort Site,
  • Fili Site,
  • Al Dhaid Fort with 2 Towers and
  • Al Khan with Towers site.

The Execution:

Geotech 3D executed a 3D Laser survey work(using Trimble TX5 scanner) for the required buildings (interior & exterior) that create unified colored point cloud data along with High Resolution Ground Photogrammetry work using Sony Alpha Camera with 42 mega pixel to generate ortho images for each elevation.

Drone photography / survey (using Multi Rig system with 120mpx resolution) for the required buildings to generate top Ortho Image for each building andhigh-resolution 3D mesh model.

The main aim of the project is to document the heritage site and produce the following outputs:

  • Ortho Imagery for Each Building Wall
  • Floor Plan & Roof Plan
  • Flooring Types
  • Windows and doors sizes
  • Document the properties of architectural or historical interest and potential significance.
  • Exterior Elevations & InteriorElevations
  • Longitudinal & TransverseSections
  • Interior / separation Walls
  • 3D mesh model

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